Friday, 5 October 2012

Well this is it. My final year at university and a really good chance with my Honours project to showcase my skills.

After putting some thought into what I would do for my Honours I came to the conclusion that creating a UDK environment would be best as I aspire to be an environment artist in the games industry.

Most, in fact all environment artist jobs have requirements when candidates are applying for the role.

These include:
  • The ability to create 3d models with a 3d application both high and low poly
  • Create textures with 2d application
  • Able to work within technical limitations of the platform and game engine
  • Strong understanding composition, colour and light in environments and architecture
  • Knowledge of materials and shader effects
  • Efficient UV mapping and UV layouts
  • The ability to create normal maps

All the points above can be demonstrated in a professional UDK game ready environment.

The environment

I put a lot of thought into choosing an environment as I wanted something to test my abilities but was achievable in the amount of time I had. This is why I decided against creating an entire level or large open environment, but instead creating a small almost explore able diorama so I can focus on smaller areas and spend plenty of time creating details and story. The environment will be constructed out of modular assets and other assets to add detail and variation.

So the environment I have chosen is an interior of an abandoned or disused spaceship. This will be excellent practise at hard surface assets, understanding modular design and creating an atmosphere.

This leaves me with plenty to think about in terms of planning and execution.

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